International Rights / Droits internationaux

Short Stories / Nouvelles

  • * Lauréat du Prix Trillium 2010

    * Trillium Book Award Winner 2010

    This first collection of short stories by Ryad Assani-Razaki, a young author of surprising maturity, addresses themes of discrimination and exclusion. Each of the stories in Deux cercles captures a moment in an individual life when one faces the difficulties and frustrations of immigration.

    All strangers in foreign lands, these characters struggle to communicate and to belong in their adopted homes. One man experiences the mundane difficulties of placing an order in a fast-food restaurant while attempting to satisfy his son's longing for a happy-meal toy. Another returns home after spending ten years in the West, only to be rejected by the woman he left behind. Another character seeks to shed his former identity, but is haunted by the memory of the woman he once loved...

    In a world that is more and more like a global village, we have to learn to live with our differences, our beliefs and our prejudices... When social, cultural and religious circles meet, when our inner circles come into contact with those of others, particularly when the latter are foreigners, what problems arise in everyday life? Are instability and confrontation inevitable?

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